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Advectas is a fast-growing consultancy in Business Intelligence and Data Science. We are looking for more people who in various ways want to contribute to our business idea – that our clients should take more informed decisions with the support of analytics and data-driven insights.

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You may be wondering “Why would I want to work at Advectas?”
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Advectas is the Nordic region’s foremost total supplier in the fields of Business Intelligence & Data Science, with more than 200 specialists in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Our segment leadership is underscored by the fact that since 2014 we have been conducting the largest ever analytics study with a Swedish perspective: the Swedish Business Intelligence & Data Science Study.


Perhaps the clearest and most highly appreciated Advectas value is “Freedom with Responsibility”. For us this means a flat organisation with a minimum of hierarchy and regulations. For you as an employee, it means a relaxed working environment and leeway to control your own time.


Since its start in 2006 Advectas has grown very rapidly. Over the past three years our turnover has increased by about 30 % per year, and we have received the DI Gazelle award no less than four times! We see this as confirmation that the company is constantly developing, and based on observed customer demand we believe that Advectas will continue to be one of the most successful growth companies in Sweden. In 2019 we expect net recruitment of 40 new employees.


Are you looking for personal development? If so, great – that’s exactly what we like! It’s why Advectas offers a range of opportunities for employees who want to learn more. First and foremost you’ll have the chance to work on assignments for leading customers, and there’ll be plenty of scope for development. In addition we have a constant cycle of various internal initiatives designed to strengthen competence and enhance the dedication of our employees. For instance, there are many in-house seminars and meetings within a variety of areas of expertise, all run by our staff.

Some even accept the challenge of writing blogs, which are often very educational – not least for the writers! Naturally we also learn and are inspired by external experts and guest speakers, for instance at conferences.

At our annual summer conference we have something called the Advectas Summit, where all employees have the opportunity to learn from one another in a large number of workshops specialising in different areas. This is a highly appreciated initiative that helps boost development, both for those who present their subjects and for the audiences with whom they share their expertise.


At Advectas we’re not satisfied with following developments – we aim to shape them! It is for this reason that we have our Innovation Advisory Board (IAB). This is an independent group of employees who encourage others to submit innovative suggestions that the IAB evaluates. If a suggestion is assessed as having commercial potential, we work to get it up and running. Good innovative suggestions may also be rewarded monetarily.


As a consultant with us you get to work on exciting projects, many of them international. We are often involved in the entire process from discussions on goals and missions, to project description and delivery of the finished solution. Over time you will develop and build up professional experience and self-confidence that will prepare you for bigger challenges.

Although Advectas aims to have as flat an organisation as possible, there is no lack of opportunities to progress in your career. Many of our managers started off as consultants – just like our company President did!


We don’t want to make a big thing of the fact that a relatively large proportion of our employees have their roots in other countries. For us it is expertise and personality that are crucial. Having said that, we feel it is generally enriching and interesting when people from different cultures and experiences have the opportunity to meet around the coffee table. We believe in genuine diversity.


At Advectas, gender equality is as natural as the fact that ethnic origin has no relevance. We constantly work to ensure that all our employees enjoy the same opportunities – irrespective of whether they are women or men. At present there are more men than women at Advectas but that is a consequence of the available expertise on the market in our niche. We are extremely happy to hire more women!


At Advectas all our employees are influencers! This does not mean that everyone decides everything, but rather that everyone has the opportunity to submit suggestions or put forward their opinions. We aim for a flat organisation with a high ceiling of tolerance, all the while driving our operation forward. The focus is always on having an efficient organisation that creates value for our customers.


Our foremost priority is to do a good job on behalf of our customers and to take care of our employees. However, just like all other companies and organisations, here at Advectas we have a responsibility to our society and indeed to our planet too. That’s why Advectas works actively with CSR within four selected areas in accordance with the global directives. These were stipulated by the UN through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and they constitute the most ambitious agenda for sustainable development that the world’s nations have ever adopted.


For those who want it, Advectas also offers a close-knit community after work-hours. Both the company and the individual employees play an active role in creating activities that appeal to many different interests. Some colleagues are involved in a book club, others prefer to attend after-work activities. Those who enjoy physical exercise play floorball, train interval running or attend Zumba classes. To name but a few examples.


Everything we’ve mentioned actually deals with just one single thing: enjoyment. When our employees enjoy their work, they stay at Advectas, they do a better job for our customers, and we – both the company and our employees – can continue to develop. In our annual and extremely comprehensive employee surveys we also rate very highly and the staff turnover at Advectas is very low. This does not mean we’ve arrived where we want to be, but it does show we are on the right course.

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david genelöv
Management consultant

“Advectas lives and breathes data, and for me this creates a high level of credibility as we help companies formulate strategies and prioritise among various digital initiatives.”

Find out why David decided to take a job at Advectas 

sadaf al-haddad
business intelligence consultant

“Advectas is an extremely secure workplace where my bosses and other colleagues listen and take me seriously. They always make time for me, and employees are allowed to have opinions on everything – that’s both satisfying and liberating at the same time.”

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