Management Consulting

Management consulting

Digitalisation, Business Intelligence and Analytics drive and form an organisation’s strategies, business models and operational models. Our management consultants provide advice on strategy development, business models, operational development and control and management.

Advectas has experienced management consultants at our offices, who serve both private business and the public sector. We assist our clients from start to finish, including:

  • Insight-driven business development – act on business development opportunities that arise through new insights based on data analysis
  • Advice and strategy development – the right initiatives and investments to achieve the desired position
  • Strategy-driven operational management – ensure that the management model helps in realising the strategy
  • BI & Analytics roadmap – Ensure that the technical solution links in with both strategy goals and operational KPIs

Our management consultants work in teams whose composition varies with the client’s need for expertise in Data Management, Business Intelligence and Data Science.

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Insight-driven business development

Together with our data scientists we assist our clients in the development of their processes, responding to the new business opportunities that arise through new insights based on data analysis. We have long experience of supporting our customers in evaluating and changing business models and operational methods.

Advice and strategy development

We offer advice and support to our clients, helping them ensure that the right initiatives get off the ground and seeing to it that the right investments are made to reach the desired position. Our combination of long experience of traditional strategy development together with expertise in spheres such as Data Science and Machine Learning allows our clients to become digital leaders.

Strategy-driven operational management

Based on a review and analysis of the company’s over-riding strategy and operation-critical goals, we work together to create models for key performance indicators to ensure that the management model helps realise the strategy. When necessary, we also help our customers carry out analyses of the data produced by the solutions so as to contribute to new insights and help find new business opportunities.

BI & Analytics roadmap 

Our starting point is the company’s management model and we ensure that the technical solution ties in with both strategic goals and operative KPIs. This operational roadmap is then secured through a customised governance model and a technical/architectural plan to consistently pursue the BI and Analytics initiative as efficiently as possible.

Project management, requirement analysis and realisation of value

In our project management role, Advectas can work with the customer to take greater responsibility for specific processes, projects and improvement areas. Advectas has developed its own project methodology, the “Advectas Method”, designed specifically for implementation of decision support projects. The method focuses heavily on both the IT-related implementation project as well as the change process and realisation of value from our customers’ operational processes.

Governance models

Many organisations ask the following: “Why does it take so long to obtain a new report from IT?”, “How should we prioritise all the requests that we receive?”, “Who is responsible for ensuring that what we develop generates the greatest possible value – have we even obtained any value at all?” Advectas has considerable experience of helping customers set up governance processes where technical possibilities, including self-service, are combined with clear-cut roles and areas of responsibility, organisation and financial issues (BICC, Analytics Center of Excellence) as well as methodology and operational systems.

Platform evaluation

Based on the customer’s situation and needs we carry out evaluations of existing solutions and offer recommendations relating to platforms, architecture, user cases and so on. This may encompass Business Intelligence, data warehouses, budgeting/planning as well as financial consolidation and master data management. Platform evaluation may for instance be carried out when choosing BI tools or when examining a current solution. We also provide support for data warehouse architecture, ETL and integration processes, front-end design, security models and so on. This work is always performed with our leading expertise in each respective solution area or technology sphere to ensure the most in-depth analysis possible.