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Tableau is currently one of the world’s leading solutions for the visualization and self-service of Business Intelligence.

Analytics and visualization tool

Tableau is an analytics and visualization tool that enables simple integration with different data sources, so that he user can analyze and visualize their data. Users can create their own reports quickly and easily and compile them into their own dashboards. Tableau is easy to learn but still powerful enough to fulfill even complex analytical challenges. It just takes a couple of seconds to share your insights with others. The result is an analytical platform that quickly and easily deliver answers – even to complex questions – for users who want greater insights.

Gartner’s latest Business Intelligence matrix for 2017 puts Tableau at the very top of BI vendors.

Our clients include Volvo Cars, Apoteket and ICA.

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JANUARY 31 – Trust, transparency, and the opportunity of Artificial Intelligence

FEBRUARY 7 – The future of Big Data: Ethics, Data Management and governance

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Advectas and Tableau

Advectas is proud to be one of a few selected partners able to offer Nordic companies and organizations expertise in this exciting BI tool.

Our philosophy has always been to put clients’ needs first and to offer a wide range of solutions that meet the needs of different types of clients. Tableau is the perfect complement to the rest of the BI solutions we offer.


Why choose Advectas as your Tableau vendor?

Advectas has worked with Tableau for several years and has strong expertise in this area. Tableau is in the forefront in adapting solutions to the unique needs of each individual client.

We have experience of larger implementations

Advectas has worked with Tableau at some of the biggest companies in Sweden. This has given us expertise in introducing Tableau as a BI tool on a larger scale, and successfully leading the process that results in a successful implementation and a good BI solution. Together with the client we create a well-thought-out plan to successfully achieve the desired results.

Experience of small-scale implementations

Tableau is also an excellent tool to use for specific analysis where an existing and more static BI solution might not be enough. By adding Tableau for the analysis and visualization of more ad-hoc needs, for example, we have helped many clients achieve better results. Examples include shopping basket analysis, visualization of purchasing behaviours, geographic presentations and segmentation.

Web Data Connectors

Advectas can build Web Data Connectors for Tableau. We have in-depth knowledge of JavaScript and PHP so that we can help clients retrieve the data of interest to them. Advectas also works with data providers, such as Statistics Sweden and SMHI, to make their data more accessible via their APIs.

Integration of R/Python

Advectas has in-depth knowledge of Data Science and programming. We can help you to integrate the Tableau environment with an R or Python server and thereby extend the possibilities for more advanced analytics. This enables statistical real-time analysis of data and enriches this with information that can give great value.

Advanced commentator functionality

Users can communicate with each other in Tableau via for example the forum in the Tableau server, but this does not always meet their needs. Advectas has therefore developed its own functionality so that users can comment on data directly in Tableau.


Advectas has certified consultants that are experienced in holding courses for beginners and more advanced users throughout the Nordic region. Read more here.

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