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By combining our in-depth knowledge of Business Intelligence, Performance Management, ERP systems and our understanding of the enterprise business processes we can identify the best solution for your needs.

Combining Business Intelligence and ERP systems is one of the main strengths of Advectas. ERP systems are good at supporting business activities and their business processes, but they are often not so good at supporting a company’s decision-makers in their everyday work.

ERP systems are, however, a gold mine for collecting important information in order to create a basis for making relevant, well-founded decisions. The various business processes supported by an ERP system should be monitored and measured at a strategic, tactical and operational level. Operational reporting usually takes place directly in the ERP system, while other types of reporting of other data sources usually takes place in the BI system. Other areas such as budgeting and forecasting, financial consolidation and master data management are other key aspects that Advectas focuses on in combination with BI and ERP systems.

Advectas’ in-depth knowledge and experience of Business Intelligence solutions for ERP have resulted in collaboration with several of the market’s leading vendors of ERP systems. We are currently collaborating closely with IFS, Infor (formerly Lawson/Intentia), Microsoft (Axapta & Dynamics), Iptor and SAP. These vendors have developed their own Business Intelligence packages which Advectas offers and implements together with our partners. See the Partner tab for further information on our business partners.

Process Analysis

For an improvement project to achieve results it is not enough just to know what your company needs to be better at – you also have to understand which behaviours actually need to change. This insight is difficult to obtain from a conventional Business Intelligence solution because it measures and analyses results, not the activities and actions that led to them. Process Analysis is the link between our KPI’s and the underlying work flows and it finally allows us to see bottlenecks, process deviations and other problems. This is possible because process analysis treats data from operational systems as steps in chains of events, as opposed to separate, independent measurements. In the field of Process Analysis Advectas works with a partner named QPR which is an expert in the field.

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By combining our knowledge about the three areas, Business Intelligence, knowledge about ERP systems and our understanding of the business processes, we can help you find the proper solution for your Performance Management. We base it on your specific conditions, business rules and structure in your organization. This is only possible thanks to our total focus on the BI area, which is quite unique!

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